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About Heart S Ranch

Excerpt from "A Valley of  Venues" Article | Written By: Kelley Dolling

This breathtaking working cattle ranch truly encompasses the heart of Tehama County. Tucked just off Bowman Road, this event oasis is surrounded by never-ending pastures and boasts a perfectly positioned view of Mount Lassen. The setting is only a fragment of what makes this venue so beautiful. It’s the genuine passion pouring out of the Steadman family that makes this ranch stand out among the rest.
Kristi and Dan Steadman had a long history of visiting the Red Bluff area. When Dan wanted to go back to his “roots” of growing up on a cattle ranch, it just made sense for the couple to seek out property in the North State. When they found the perfect ranch, the Steadmans were surprised to learn that it also included an established wedding venue. Once a catering manager (Kristi), the ranch proved to be a perfect fit for the entire family.
Heart S Ranch has been operating since 2016. The venue’s name ties right back into those special “roots” that were mentioned above.

“Before buying the ranch, we created our brand incorporating a heart and the letter S,” offered Kristi. “The Heart S brand is on all of our cattle and it made perfect sense to use this same name for the wedding venue to celebrate all the love that surrounds us.”
Although weddings are the mainstay of the business, Heart S Ranch also hosts private parties, photoshoots, car clubs, showers, and various community fundraisers. Ranches are typically only suitable for summer or “fair-weather” occasions. The unique aspect about this particular “outdoor” venue is that they also maintain a large indoor building that is a perfect for winter office parties, holiday gatherings, and more.
This is so much more than a business for the Steadmans, it’s a way of life. The family and their dedicated staff offer so much more than just a place to party. Every detail is supported with love and precise care. This is not only evident in Kristi’s actions, but in her words.
“The best part of hosting events has to be the special care we give of our brides, grooms, and their guests,” beamed Kristi. “My favorite moment from each wedding happens right before I send a bride and her father down the aisle. We take a quick photo, listen for our cue, and I straighten her train one more time before sending her down to meet her beloved.”

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